New Section 8: Prejudice Map Pack Announced

TimeGate brings the Overdrive pack to 360 and PC.

No need to hastily pack up your orbital drop gear just yet — on June 1st, a new map pack will be available for TimeGate’s downloadable FPS, Section 8: Prejudice. The Overdrive Map Pack will include two new maps: Abaddon and Sky Dock. The pack will be released for both 360 and Games for Windows Live for 320 MS points (four bucks).

Abaddon features a power cell facility that’s built atop a “scalding energy source” amidst magma craters. While that may not make for the most employee-friendly workplace, it sounds like a hell of a cool looking map. Skydock, meanwhile, is a military space port located in an icy terrain. Both maps will feature Swarm, Assault and Conquest game types.

[Source: TimeGate Studios]

[Image courtesy of Co-optimus.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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