PSN Going Back Online Soon?

Sony takes "an important step" towards the restoration of services.

At this point, we’ve written more stories about the PSN outage than we can remember, but the end may be in sight. In a blog post, Patrick Seybold, Sony Sr. Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media, said that the publisher has taken “an important step towards restoring PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.” They are now in the homestretch of testing out the new system.

No date, or even an estimation, for when services will return was provided. Sony again reiterated that they have been working like crazy to restore service and referred to this latest development as a “milestone”. The hardware manufacturer had previously informed us that services would go back online this week; that now seems unlikely given the late hour and that there was no mention of it in this update.

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

[Image courtesy of Cellulartec.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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