Resistance 3 Campaign and Multiplayer Details Emerge

Sony walks us through the sequel's new approach to game play.

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If you can’t wait until this summer (a playable beta is coming then) to try out Resistance 3 for yourself, you’re going to want to head over to the PlayStation Blog to check out their latest preview of the game. There’s some very intriguing details about Joseph Capelli, his quest to take America back from the Chimera and a deluge of multiplayer information.

After bowing out of the worldwide battle against the invading Chimera, Capelli jumps back into the fight in this sequel. As Capelli, players will travel across the American heartland in a desperate struggle to reach its largest city. You see, Dr. Malikov has formulated some grand scheme to wipe the enemy out, but he needs someone with Capelli’s combat experience to accompany him on the journey to New York. With things getting grimmer for him and his family by the moment, Joseph realizes that he must once again fight to ensure their survival.

Instead of strategic military strikes, the focus in Resistance 3’s campaign will be on hit-and-run tactics across what Sony promises will be “complex, nonlinear environments.” You’re no longer defending the Earth from these aggressors, but are instead fighting, as insurgents, to reclaim it from them. Advanced AI, which governs your foes to take up differing strategies, is supposed to allow for battles that vary greatly depending on player movements.

Weapon upgrades, like the awesome incendiary shotgun shells showcased in the video, should inject some freshness into both single and multiplayer modes. Unlike in the campaign, competitive play will be set to international backdrops. Columbia and The Republic of Chad are just two of the locales that will be included. Of course, the usual mix of deathmatch and objective-based modes will be included.

The previously announced special abilities, such as doppelgangers and sprinting, are meant to add a whole new layer of customization to the formula. The preview promises that you won’t be locked into traditional video game classes, either. A combination sniper/medic is cited as just one of many interesting options that will be available to players.

Gamers won’t have to wait too much longer now for this summer’s beta, ahead of its September release. Not to mention that Resistance will almost certainly have a prominent showing at E3 next month. As a fan of the first two titles (particularly the first one), I can’t wait to get my hands on it later this year. Don’t forget to head over to the PlayStation Blog for more details.

[Source: Playstation Blog]

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