Sony Live Streaming Their E3 Conference

PlayStation Blog will cover the June 6th event.

Every year, millions of gamers around the world flock to the internet in search of stable feeds of “The Big 3” press conferences that precede the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Because these events are when the lion’s share of the secrets are unveiled, most gamers consider them to be the best part of the entire convention. Sony has announced another option for viewing their conference — which is suspiciously scheduled for an obscene five hours — which is set for June 6. Next Monday at 8pm EST, gamers can head on over to the PlayStation Blog to watch Sony’s live stream.

This move comes on the heels of Microsoft and Nintendo both announcing plans of their own to stream their respective press conferences. With just one week remaining until Sony’s conference, the excitement and rumor mongering are building to a crescendo. Will Kevin Butler make light of the PSN breach? Will the NGP actually be renamed the PS Vita? Or will the whole conference be filled with excruciatingly boring sales presentations? Who knows, but there’s no way they’re going to stretch this thing out over five hours. It seems probable that they’ve got something else planned for post-show, but we’ll have to wait like everyone else to find out what it is.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

[Image courtesy of Sony.]

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