The Penguin Confirmed for Batman: Arkham City

Oswald Cobblepot waddles his way into Rocksteady's Arkham Asylum sequel.

In an interview with the Australian Sunday Herald, Dax Ginn of Rocksteady has finally admitted what has long been believed by fans: The Penguin will be one of the main adversaries in Arkham City.  After bird-brain’s Iceberg Lounge was glimpsed in the game’s first teaser, many of the Batman faithful quickly made the connection.   Now it’s official though and the team at Rocksteady will apparently be taking a slightly different approach to the Caped Crusader’s long-time nemesis.

Ginn said that “The way that penguin has always been portrayed is as quite an aristocratic, well-spoken gentleman who’s got these twisted delusions of grandeur.”  Rocksteady will be altering his image a bit however, by adding some “nasty” to his repertoire.  Continuing, Ginn added, “So we’ve made him a really horrible, nasty piece of work – but still with the delusion of grandeur.  He dresses well, but in a poor taste, and we’ve made him this brutish, brutal guy but also key into that collection fascination that he’s had through out the years.”

This new version of Oswald Cobblepot will have his various minions hounding Bats throughout the course of the game.  Falling back on his collection obsession, The Penguin will rely on an extensive array of artillery that he’s built up over the years.  This means that “when you come up against his thugs in the street they are all going to have seriously heavy weapons and that develops throughout the game as well.”   Sounds like you’ll have to approach his men with extra caution to avoid getting beaten down.

In addition to all of that Penguin talk, Catwoman also got a mention in the interview.   Ginn remarked that. “the attitude of this Selena Kyle is closer to that of the late, great Eartha Kitt from the cult 60’s tv show: strong, confident, sexy and independent.”  So, an old school Catwoman meets a new school Penguin.  Sounds intriguing.

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