Ubisoft Officially Unveils Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Ezio assembles the Assassin Super Friends for one last job.

This November, Ezio Auditore will wrap up his part of the Assassin’s Creed story, and he won’t be alone. The Renaissance predator will be joined by the series’ other two central characters: Desmond and Altaïr.  All three will be playable in some form or another and gamers will be exploring a brand new locale.  The series will shift its main focus away from Italy and over to the seat of power of the Ottoman Empire.  Ezio will travel to Constantinople where Ubisoft says “a growing army of Templars threatens to destabilize the region.”

There’s no word yet as to how Altaïr fits into the story, but it’s a safe bet that we’re going to find that out in the immediate future. As you can tell from the image below, the game will be featured in the next issue of Game Informer magazine. GI promises that we’ll soon be reading about details of the new adventure such as a new “tool that changes the way you’ll fight and traverse the world” as well as “extensive details on the newly customizable multiplayer game.” The new tool is likely related to the introduction of the ability to operate the Animus in a manner “to decipher the mysteries of [Desmond’s] past and gain insight into the future.”

As for the multiplayer info, Ubisoft says that we can expect additional maps, modes and characters. Sounds like pretty standard sequel fare, but we’ll have to wait just a tad longer to find out whether or not more ambitious changes are also in store.

In addition to lead developer Ubisoft Montreal, the title is also being crafted with the “support and expertise of Ubisoft studios Annecy, Massive Entertainment, Quebec, Singapore and Bucharest.”  Most of us tend to be skeptical of annualized game series, but the last two were such fantastic releases, that I’m giving Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt here. Don’t abuse it Ubi.

[Sources: Ubisoft and Game Informer]

[Images courtesy of Game Informer and Joystiq.]

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