Amy coming to XBLA and PSN this September

The only way to survive this outbreak is team work.

A lot of games get overlooked during E3. Developer Lexis Numerique is looking to gain your attention with their game Amy.  Amy‘s story revolves around a woman named Lana and a young girl named Amy who are both trapped in what appears to be a zombie outbreak.  The kicker is Lana is infected with the disease and she is the character you will be controlling through out the game.  The only thing keeping Lana’s virus in check is the little girl Amy who has the ability to suppress the infection in Lana by holding her hand.  Only together can the two survive through this disaster.

What seems to be one of the more interesting aspects is the game play.  While most survival horror these days seem to focus on action and adrenaline-fueled combat, Amy is looking more toward old school survival horror ways.  Lana and Amy are not action heroes and they aren’t suited to fighting the undead.  This is meant to intensify the horror of the game instead of the action. Not only that, but Lana’s dependance on staying near Amy means that players will need to focus on protecting her rather than taking out hordes of the undead.

Certain areas will also be more dangerous to the player as Lana’s disease intensifies differently in the various environments.  The player can tell how dangerous an area is because of a badge that is on Lana’s back.  Amy, being the young girl she is, can be easily spooked by the undead.  Monsters will scare Amy and she will also be drawn to certain objects that she finds interesting.  There are a lot of things to take into account while exploring. A great deal of thought looks to have been put into this game.

Amy looks to be a good through back to the old days of horror games where hiding and dodging was your best bet of survival.  Lexis Numerique is looking to release Amy sometime in September with a price tag of $13.  Lexis Numerique is taking a big gamble in this game, but so far it looks like it could pay off.  Keep your eye out for Amy as it gets closer to September.

[Images via Rely on Horror]


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