Bethesda Web Site Hacked

Financial and credit card data is safe; personal info... not so much.

So you may have heard that some game publisher sites recently got hacked. Well, the hack-a-thon is apparently still going strong and Bethesda Softworks is the most recent victim.  With Sony, Nintendo, Codemasters, Epic and Bethesda now suffering from cyber attacks, every publisher in the industry is surely worried that they’ll be next.

Although Bethesda says they have taken “appropriate action to protect our data against these attacks”, they were still victimized.  Continuing, the company admitted that “a hacker group attempted an unlawful intrusion of our websites to gain access to data.”  Strange that the term “attempted” was used, considering that there has definitely been a breach of some sort.   They noted that no financial or credit/debit card information was stolen during the attack.   The same, however, cannot be said for user names, passwords and e-mail addresses.  While they do not know for certain that such info was compromised, neither can they guarantee that it was not.

The usual changing of passwords on any Bethesda and Brink sites was recommended.  As was the standard warning to watch out “for suspicious emails and account activity”.  The only discernible pattern to these attacks is that they have all targeted medium and large-scale publishers of console games.  Could Take Two, Activision or EA be next?  Will they switch up their tactics and go after Zynga Games?  Are these internet-banditos racist against dragon-born peoples?  There’s just no telling at this point.

[Source: Bethesda Blog]

[Image via Gamr Feed.]

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