Dead Island: To Kill Time

Get a quick look at the game play for the new zombie game Dead Island.

Deep Silver recently dropped a trailer for their upcoming game Dead Island that is slated to drop sometime this year.  The game, which features four playable characters with a co-op mode, will be heavy on the melee combat with quests and crafting involved.  You will be traveling around a large island, moving from safe point to safe point and avoiding zombies along the way.  The trailer shows that while you can go around hacking and slashing, it may not be too dangerous to your health to do so.

The game focuses on a more realistic approach to combat and character movement, which means your character will get tired fairly quickly and weapons are only so durable until they finally break.  The trailer, which is narrated by Deep Silver’s Brand Manager Vincent Kummer, shows almost twelve minutes of in-game footage ranging from the beautiful sun drenched beaches, to a barricaded church, and a desolate bridge in the middle of a terrible storm.

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