E3: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Trailer

Is Halo finished? No, they're just getting started.

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Ten years ago, a single game catapulted a company that made operating systems and word processors into one of the top players in the hardcore console gaming scene.  On November 15, Microsoft is going to go back to where it all began.  The Chief is returning in this remake of the original Halo: Combat Evolved.  All six multiplayer maps from the original Combat Evolved along with ‘Damnation’ from Halo 2 will be included.  The full campaign will of course be in there too, in both single and co-op modes.  What’s more is that it will all be playable over Xbox Live.

So faithful to the source material is the remake that the original engine is even running underneath the upgraded version. At any time during the campaign, players can switch to the classic visuals for a dose of nostalgia or to compare them to the upgraded version.  This feature will not be available in multiplayer, which runs entirely on the Reach engine.  Although it will play online as a wholly separate game, players will also have the option of importing all of the maps into Halo: Reach.   This is how you do a remake right.

[Partial source: Joystiq]

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