E3: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Announcement Trailer

Stop hating, the first one was fun and you know it.

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“The first brother of video games is back”, Reggie proudly proclaimed from the stage of Nintendo’s E3 2011 conference. Unheard of since debuting during the GameCube’s November 2011 launch, Luigi’s Mansion is back. They promised that this is an entirely new game, though, and that it will feature several different mansions. The original game received a lot of hate among the Nintendo faithful. But that was mostly just a case of fanboys lashing out because The Big N had failed to deliver a true Mario platformer at launch. It was no killer app, but Mansion was an entertaining game with some fun ideas and charisma all its own.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 looks like it’s been designed to make for some great 3D opportunities, as Luigi swung his vacuum stream (is that the correct term?) around wildly sucking up ghosts flying about a variety of rooms. They won’t be the only creatures from beyond he’ll square off with either; a mummy appears near the end of the trailer. Thankfully, the existence of multiple mansions looks like it will also provide some variety in the environments you’ll be exploring.

With these added features — and without the impossible burden of carrying a home console launch — the little green guy is likely to leave a better impressions on gamers in this sequel. We didn’t get a release date, which probably means that you should look for this one sometime in 2012.

[Image via Gaming Blend.]

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