E3: Pokemon Pokedex 3D

Awww yeah. Now I can have my Christmas cards with Pokemon in them.

It looks like Pokemon fans can get the Pokedex they have always wanted with the recently released Pokemon Pokedex 3D.  This is available on the 3DS via the Nintendo E-Shop and works using Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White.  With the release of this “game”, sixteen Pokemon are initially available and then other Pokemon will need to be collected via various means.  New pokemon can be collected in the really world using codes found in different spots, and can also be collected by spot passing with other players of the game.  Using the AR markers, you can also project the pokemon into the real world and take a picture next to them.  I’m not looking forward to seeing the “creative” pictures people are going to come up with.  Pokedex 3D is free and available now on the Nintendo E-Shop for Nintendo 3DS.


[Image courtesy of: Pokemon]

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
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