E3: Ruin Will Be Playable on PlayStation Vita

Jump from handheld to console and back again with RUIN.

Sony announced at their recent press conference at E3 that RUIN, an upcoming role playing game/dungeon crawler, will be available on both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3.  This is not really groundbreaking news in itself if it were not for what it could do.  PlayStation Vita players will be able to load their saved games (saved to the “cloud”) and play from where they left off on their PlayStation 3.  This is a pretty cool idea, and sounds a lot like the Wii U’s play on your controller concept.  The only thing that sets Sony apart is that you can take RUIN, and other compatibles games anywhere you want.  This extremely smart idea will surely change the way we play games.  RUIN is a working title but it promises to be a engaging RPG experience.


[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

[Image courtesy of: Official PlayStation Blog]

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
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