E3: Super Mario Kart 3DS Announcement Trailer

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Mario’s upcoming platformer Super Mario 3DS grabbed much of the attention during Nintendo’s E3 press conference, but it wasn’t the beloved plumber’s only appearance. Everybody’s favorite kart racer also made its debut today, and it looks to continue the series’ tradition of being ridiculously entertaining. Many of your favorite racers will make a return in Super Mario Kart 3DS. Confirmed so far are: Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Koopa Troopa, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser and Yoshi. Several classic powerups made an appearance as well, such as ink-squirting squids and the ever-popular three red turtle shells. And yes, racers will once again be tasked with picking up coins and question mark blocks.

It wasn’t all old hat, however. Reggie described it as “The game you’ve enjoyed for years. But now, it’s a tricked out version your haven’t driven before.” There certainly looks to be some truth to that statement. In the video, you’ll see Mario and friends gliding their karts through the air using, uh, gliders. In addition to those temporary add-ons, Nintendo is giving players the chance to customize their karts before the races. More than just choosing between bike, kart, or really weird stuff that shouldn’t be driveable, you’ll also get to mess around with wheel size and such.

In a first for the franchise players will be racing underwater. No, not in enclosed areas like in the past; the karts are now fully submersible. Drive into a body of water and your kart will sprout a propeller out of the back and just keep on motoring.

There’s little doubt that the game will be a blast and will make its way into millions of homes when it releases this holiday season.

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