Free-2-Play Games on Steam

Nothing is completely free...except to play these games on steam.


Some good news came surfacing up for people who like free stuff (thats everybody btw). Steam has started to carry some games that are free-to-play. Forsaken World, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Champions Online: Free for All, Spiral Knights, and Global Agenda: Free Agent are all the free to play downloadable games right now through Steam. Some people might find this rather pointless since you can download the games from each respective game’s home page. Well, Steam has an answer for that. During this week special in-game content will be available during this kick off week of for some of these free to play games. Not only that, the micro-transactions can be done through the steam client as well.  They made it even easier for you to give them your money. So go out there and check these games out while the special content is going on or you just might miss out on some good deals.

[images via mi9 & gamezone]

Mikey Kenney
Mikey Kenney
Mikey Kenney

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