Fridays in the Key of Geek: ‘5oul on D!splay’

The song that signified the final triumph over the long wait for Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo is Sony’s shining example of the worlds most realistic driving simulator. For many years the only thing closer was to get behind the wheel of a car yourself and hit the test track. Only recently, with the advent of the Forza series of games, has anything equaled the insane attention to detail and comprehensive inclusion of Gran Turismo. The first look at  the future of Gran Turismo (then called Vision Gran Turismo) – and the promise of its eventual release – at the unveiling of the PlayStation 3 at E3 2005 is still a reason many list for even wanting a PS3 in the first place. Its draw for fans of simulation racers is that strong, and I was no exception.

Even after years of delay, they had me sold at E3 2010 as soon as the downbeat for their trailer hit. There’s something special in a song that you know you’ll love as soon as it starts playing. Performed by artist Daiki Kasho, it captured my excitement for what was to come perfectly, something Gran Turismo soundtracks have always done well. Polyphony Digital eventually held a naming campaign for the music track from the trailer, and a user from Argentina named MajanoX eventually won out with the title ‘5oul on D!splay’. His explanation for his choice:

Comment from MajanoX

The title of the song describes what Polyphony Digital puts in every game they create, SOUL, and that’s what we see ON DISPLAY when we play those games (clever and obvious at the same time, right?).

Also, Daiki Kasho is performing this beautiful song flawlessly, very catchy tune. The number and symbol in the title is a tribute of the song in GT5 Prologue, “SURV1V3”, another epic track.

“5OUL ON D!SPLAY” is a very distinctive name for a unique and very distinctive game like Gran Turismo.

I think that sums things up pretty well. Below is the trailer that enthralled so many, as well as the track from the trailer alone. Enjoy.

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