Fridays in the Key of Geek: Nyan Cat Drum Cover

Rollicking drum covers of insane internet phenomena? Game on.

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Some things in this world defy any logical explanation. Take Nyan Cat, for instance, which I will make an attempt to explain in a rational manner.

Nyan Cat is a cat that flies through space, but instead of a body it has a pop-tart in its place. And it leaves a rainbow as it flies through the stars. It may be pooping the rainbow actually, but it’s kind of hard to tell. It’s featured in a video that has a pop song with its name on a loop running anywhere from four minutes to six hours.

Many of you have seen the video already, but just let that explanation sink in for a second. Now imagine never seeing the video before and having someone walk up and try to give you that explanation of what Nyan Cat is. How many different kinds of drugs would you think they’re on? Nyan Cat is madness personified, even more so than Pyramid Head.

(Pyramid Head may be an unstoppable demonic incarnation of rage, but Nyan Cat is just crazy)


What does any of this have to do with gaming or music you might ask? Nothing to the former really, but to the latter I bring you a drum cover of the Nyan Cat theme by DrumsZachDrums. He has done a number of drum covers, a lot of them for game music, but I figure a slightly less psyche-destroying version of Nyan Cat is worth sharing with the world. Have fun!


There used to be an embeded media player here, but it doesn't work anymore. We blame the Tumbeasts.


Bonus video: Zack doing a cover of the ‘Tornado Man’ theme from Mega-Man 9! Because…why not?

Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
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