Marvel Responds to Spider-Man: Edge of Time E3 Trailer Reaction

Enter: Anti-Venom

E3 is officially set to begin in a short while with the first of many press conferences, but tidbits have already started to be released into the wild. This new trailer for Spider-Man: Edge of Time is one of those.

Here we’re getting a first look at one of the antagonists in Edge of Time, but one that non-comic fans of Spider-Man aren’t familiar with. He’s the Anti-Venom, and if he reminds you of someone it’s probably because it’s another symbiote like Venom and Carnage (who’ve had much more screen time in video games). The man inside the symbiote is none other than the original Venom though, Eddie Brock. In the comics, Anti-Venom is a reformed Eddie Brock, one who is concerned with cleansing evil rather than causing it. As you can see in the trailer he definitely doesn’t seem to be a do-gooder though, something that Marvel comics addressed personally due to the outcry from comic fans. In the response they pointed out that they are well aware of the inconsistency and it’s something that would be addressed during the story during Edge of Time. They even posted a snippet of the script penned by Peter David as proof:

They even addressed some issues fans had about Anti-Venom’s size. In the trailer he appears much larger than he normally does in the comics. They showed off a screenshot from the game of him looking more like…well, himself.

It’s almost certain that someone’s pulling Anti-Venom’s strings in Edge of Time. We’ll have to wait for more details to see how someone could cause his murderous transformation.


Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
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