Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Content Update

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Mount and Blade

A new patch from Paradox Interactive and Taleworlds Entertainment will update the expansion patch that recently released for Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword. Included in this update, is a new trailer and walkthrough guide. The trailer can be found over on Youtube.  Listed below, are the key new features for this incoming update:

  • New alternative melee fighting style for musketeers.
  • New “ragdoll” physics effects.
  • Newer and more realistic sound and particle effects for firearms.
  • Captain Mode introduces new troops and a new system to purchase them.
  • Female character armor.
  • Redone single player with revamped economy, item balancing, and difficulty.
  • More realistic caravan management and quests.
  • Better multi-player balance for weapons and classes.
  • Horses are faster and healthier.
  • Ability to crouch, as well as run and load.
  • A new grenade system with better particle effects.

These are just some of the new changes, but you can find a full description of the patch right here.

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Jessica Weimar
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