Sega Pass System Hacked

Hackers breach yet another major game publisher's site. The hacking plague is becoming so widespread, that you can probably guess the content of this story.

Yesterday, Sega took down their Sega Pass System (used for some game account management and a newsletter) after realizing that a security breach had taken place. Today, they notified users that “unauthorised [sic] entry was gained” to the network, and that some user data was stolen in the process. Since they use a third party for payments, no financial information was illegally obtained. What the hackers did get, was e-mail addresses, DOBs and encrypted passwords. Access to the system was promptly taken down and all passwords were reset.

Sega cautioned that Pass users should be extra leery of suspicious e-mails, and that they would do well to change passwords for any other sites that are the same as the one they used for Sega’s system. They also apologized for the unwanted intrusion and noted that users would be informed whenever service is restored.

[Image via Game Werks.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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