Skyward Sword: An Orchestra to the Past

Link's Wii adventure will have more orchestrated tracks than ever before, and quite a few will be legacy tunes.

So you’ve beaten Ocarina of Time 3D, the boss challenges and the Master Quest.  You loved every moment of it, but now you’re back to dealing with the excruciating wait until the fall release of Skyward Sword.  We feel you, and so does Nintendo.  That’s why an Iwata Asks column drifted away from OoT topics and delved into Skyward Sword’s soundtrack.  One of my biggest complaints in my Ocarina 3D review was its lack of orchestrated music, but Nintendo is out to address that issue by throwing more orchestral work into Skyward than in any Zelda title before it.

Link’s last console release, Twilight Princess, was the first time that Shigeru Miyamoto worked with orchestral music at all, and they’re now (thankfully) stepping up their sound game to the next level. Iwata-san recently interviewed sound designers Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota, and recapped the discussion:  “Actually, when listening to past music for the Legend of Zelda series, there were several songs that I wanted to arrange for an orchestra,” Yokota said. “I chose some to my fancy and put them in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.”

Additionally, Yokota made mention that Link will utilize an instrument of some sort in Skyward Sword.   IGN notes that a harp has been spotted in some of the game’s footage.  Could that be Link’s new mystery instrument?  As the game’s release finally draws close, answers to this and other questions will likely come over the next several months.

[Sources: Iwata Asks and IGN]

[Image via Nintendo Pro.]

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