Transmission T²: Dead Space 2 ‘Dead Reckoning’

Far from helpless in the face of madness. (Possible spoilers ahead)

As with last Thursday’s Transmission, this post comes with a strong SPOILER ALERT if you have not completed Dead Space 2. Proceed with caution.

Dead Space 2

I debated whether or not I should post this video today. Avoiding repeat videos for specific games or game series is one of many little mental rules I keep for myself in bringing you these videos each week. But rules are made to be broken, or at least bent a little on occasion. So this week I bring you a follow-up to Transmission Thursday’s Dead Space – ‘Sunshine’. This video, once again hailing from YouTube user Fathom216, is a recap of Dead Space 2. Here we find our once-silent protagonist Isaac three years after the harrowing events of the original game.

He is a man who is deep in the throes of dementia, but cannot find a respite to heal his own mind due to the world falling into madness around him. The Necromorph horror has returned, and Isaac is uniquely suited to deal with the task of putting them down. There is a strange familiarity that sets in and makes something almost ordinary the longer it is dealt with, no matter how extraordinary or horrifying it might be from an outside perspective. Now Isaac finds himself in that position, where Necromorphs are more familiar to him than what’s happening inside his head. There is still fear of the horror that’s been unleashed, but it is not as pervasive as before. A grim determination to fix things and hold together his own mind are what drive Isaac now. Survival is less of an issue than acceptance of the inevitable end that waits for all men.

This is Isaac’s Dead Reckoning.

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