Transmission T²: Dead Space ‘Sunshine’

Dead Space recap showcases the beauty of horror (Potential spoilers inside!)

This Thursday’s Transmission comes with a strong SPOILER ALERT warning if you have not played/finished the first Dead Space. The post itself, as well as the video shown, contain things of a spoiler-y nature. Proceed at your own risk.

There are many things to remember about Dead Space. The mystery of the Marker. An engineer named Isaac’s determination to find his girlfriend. True fear. The constant threat of danger from the Necromorphs, even while doing something as simple as checking your inventory. Isaac’s descent into madness. Dead Space reawakened us to real survival horror and gave a new standard for what the genre was capable of. It showed that we could still be afraid of the dark.

But do you remember the gorgeous parts of the game? Did most of us even notice it at all, in the midst of struggling to survive? My guess would be no, because I’d forgotten myself until I watched this video. It poses that question to us without ever asking one. The song it uses, ‘Kanada’s Death, Part 2′ from the official Sunshine soundtrack, feels suffused with hope, an also oft-forgotten part of the struggle for survival: the hope that we live to carry on. There are certainly horrible things we faced in the game, and this recap doesn’t shy away from them; any more than it shies away from the fear, or the heartbreak and sadness Isaac eventually finds. He ends up alone by the end of the game, but more importantly he survives, and thus hope lives on. It is a video that is edited simply, but one I still found very moving. Coming to us from YouTube user Fathom216 is Dead Space – “Sunshine”. I hope you enjoy it.

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Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
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