Transmission T²: Donkey Kong Doesn’t Back Down

Would you do any different if you were a giant gorilla? (Video contains NSFW language)

NSFW warning due to language in the video.

Video games are about the unlikely and the fantastic, and exploring and conquering both for fun. No game fits that flight of fancy more, perhaps, than the original Donkey Kong. Featuring a not-yet-propelled to super stardom Mario out to save his girlfriend Pauline, Mario climbed and leaped his way to victory over the titular gorilla. To say that someone could claim victory over a 900 pound gorilla by leaping over some barrels is, at its very best, a stretch since Mario and Donkey Kong never came face to face.

But as this video from Dorkly shows, that was probably for the best, because Donkey Kong would’ve had no reason run from a fight where his opponent’s main weapon was jumping. We might have missed out on many a year of wonderful Mario games if they had thrown down, probably all of them.


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Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
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