Ubisoft Round Table for Wii U

A breakdown of Ubisoft's E3 round table.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online

Ubisoft had a round table at E3 this year, and has posted a video up of it for all to enjoy.  The round table was hosted by Andy Simpson, of Ubisoft’s marketing team.  Before the action began, it’s no surprise that Nintendo’s own Satoru Iwata made a special appearance and called up Ubisoft’s president in order to explain what the round table was about.  After listening to some ground rules and what not to do at a conference, finally we get to see what is in store.

First up is Ghost Recon: Online, and we get to hear from Senior Producer and Technical Director.  With the Wii U’s new controller, the game will use touch pad controls and “always on online services”.  They explain that it will not be like other online shooters in several ways, one of which will be slower game play which will require you to think on your feet instead of run and gun.  Next up is a trailer of the game using the Wii U’s controller, and what appears to be actual game play.  If this trailer is telling the truth, the Wii U could be able to hang with the big boys when it comes to online shooters.  The touch screen controller is using a map function that you can show your team where an enemy is.  This could turn out to be very cool.  A number of other features of the game are explained as well.  Later, there is an actual game play demo played through by one of the developers which shows a slightly earlier build of the game, but it still pretty cool to see in action.

Next up is Killer Freaks from Outer Space.  After a rather long speech about the relationship between Nintendo and the developer, we get to see a trailer of the game.  The trailer’s graphics are pretty impressive, and will be even more so if these are what we will see on the Wii U.  The character in the trailer reminds me of the scene in “Jurassic Park” in which one of the characters says “clever girl” before being attacked, if only for the voice work done.  There is certainly a sense of humor in the dialogue, as the character remarks “a quick change of underpants, and we’re back online”.  Of course we get to see a demo, and it looks like it plays like an arcade light shooter.  Enemies come at you, and if they go behind you you can not see them.  Needless to say, it is in 1st person.  It also looks like he is playing exclusively on the Wii U’s controller screen, kind of like a handheld.

That was about it for what was showed, and the last part of the video was a Q & A sessions for the sake of the audience.  You can check out the video below.


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[Source: Ubisoft]

[Image and video courtesy of: Ubisoft and Youtube]

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