Voice123 Interviews the Voice of Duke Nukem

Check out the man behind the voice of Duke Nukem.

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While we wait not so patiently for the release of Duke Nukem Forever on June 14th, we have a little treat for you.  The folks at Voice123 were kind enough to refer us to the link of this awesome interview they did with voice actor Jon St. Jon, the voice of Duke.  The interviewer was quite excited to do this interview, as he was a big fan of the Duke Nukem series.  Jon St. Jon has done other voices for commercials and games, such as Runaway 2 and Sonic Adventures.  These games pale in comparison to his better known character of Duke Nukem.  The video above has a handy transcript for those who want to read it as well, and that can be found via Voice123.

We would like to personally thank Leo Lopez of Voice123.com for letting us know about this interview.  Thanks Leo!


[Source: Voice123]

[Video courtesy of: Voice123 and YouTube]

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