ARGO Online’s New Ranking System

Win AP in ARGO Online's new contest.

ARGO Online
A new ranking system has launched for ARGO Online.  The revamped system tallies total experience earned along with the ranks of each character versus all in-game characters.  In addition, a second RTS ranking ladder – which figures which characters would have the most wins and lest losses in the post-apocalyptic world – is now in place.

To commemorate this update to the setup, they are also holding a month long special event.  Players will be inserted into five different levels dependent on the ranking of their most powerful character.  Characters that are levels 1 – 14 will be placed into “winnings” level five, 15 – 24 are in level four,  25 – 39 are in level three, 40 – 49 are in level two, and 50 are in level one.  The character with the most experience points at the end of the contest in each level will then receive a large amount of AP in the game.  Whoever wins the contest in the top tier level will be rewarded particularly well with the grand prize of $150 in AP.

Know that you are only able to participate with one character in this contest.  To check out the new ranking system and where you stand in it, click here.  And for the full list of contest rules click here.

Cathy Rouleau
Cathy Rouleau
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