At Least 14 Arrested in Operation Targeting Hacker Group Anonymous

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A federal official has just reported via CNN that at least 14 people thought to be associated with or to be a part of the hacker group Anonymous have been arrested.  The hactivist organization is believed to be responsible for the recent cyber break-in into Sony, as well as the CIA and Paypal.  Arrests of these individuals have taken place in Florida, San Francisco, New Jersey, and other areas.  More arrests are to follow as the FBI has warrants for other states, including New York, to be executed today.  Along with arresting those responsible, seizure of records and the persons’ computers also occurred during the raids.

FBI officials in New York refused to admit that Anonymous was part of the investigation, saying only that “these search warrants are being executed in connection with an ongoing FBI investigation.”  The FBI official that provided this information insisted on anonymity.


[Source: CNN]

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