Dead Island Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

Baseball bat + buzz saw = awesome pre-purchase bonus weapon



Today, some new details about pre-purchasing Dead Island on Steam have risen up from the grave. The people at Techland have some special offers for those who pre-purchase the game through through the downloadable platform for $49.99. Those who go ahead and board the ship for Dead Island will receive an awesome weapon called “The Ripper.” It is basically what you get by putting a buzz saw at the end of a baseball bat. Yeah, that’s right; imagine all the brains you could be ripping through with that baby. The next thing gamers who reserve will get is free access to the arena-based DLC that will be launching a month after the game comes out called, Bloodbath Arena. The mode will consist of four arenas with endless waves of zombies. Players will be able to carry over loot, experience, and items gained in the arenas into their campaign. It will also have leader board support and a new, gruesome weapon for your arsenal, the sonic pulse grenade.



On top of all those bonuses for pre-purchase buyers, there is also another deal happening with Steam. A four game bundle of Dead Island – targeted at groups of friends who plan to play the game in co-op together – is being offered for the price of $149.97. This means that each copy bought in the bundle will cost $39.99. This is perfect if you and a bunch of friends plan on getting the game, and going through the campaign together. Each copy will include all the bonuses you would normally get by pre-purchasing the game. That means everyone can rip through brains with ease, and gain access to the arena DLC as soon as it launches. Dead Island is set to release on September 6, 2011, and it’s looking quite promising from everything that’s been shown so far.

Mikey Kenney
Mikey Kenney
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