Eiji Aonuma Wants to Work on Something New

The Zelda designer can't see the Kokiri Forest for the Deku Trees... or something like that.

Imagine if you will, that after impressing your superiors with your contributions to the seminal The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you are chosen to succeed series creator Shigeru Miyamoto as the director of the sequel, Majora’s Mask. Dream come true, right? What gamer wouldn’t want to have creative control over one of the best game franchises around? But after 13 years of being shackled to Link’s adventures, Eiji Aonuma is ready for something else.

In a recent Industry Gamers interview, Aonuma-san vented his frustration over having all of his original ideas pumped into one Zelda release after another.

Yeah, the truth of it is I always want to work on something new. It just turns out that as I’m coming up with these ideas along the way, I realize, ‘Y’know, this could really work on a Zelda game.’ And it sort [of] filters back into it and in the end, we come back into another Zelda project. So in some ways, it’s a bit of a challenge for me personally that Zelda ends up becoming this pool of my ideas and it keeps absorbing the ideas I have and they get integrated back into Zelda games. But that’s just sort of the way it’s flown for me.”

He’s basically experiencing the video game equivalent of an actor being type cast, so it’s understandable that he wants to spread his creative wings a bit (no Skyward Sword pun intended) and soar to something fresh.

[Source: Industry Gamers]

[Image via Guardian.]

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