Rumor: PlayStation 4 Coming in 2012

Rumblings from Taiwan indicate that Sony's next console will arrive next year.

Before you go getting all worked up, bear in mind that the operative word in the title above is “rumor.”  Now then, a report from the site Digi Times states that production on the PlayStation 4 will begin at year’s end and that the console will launch in 2012.  Their source claims that Sony is targeting a minimum of 20 million units for next year.

The same Taiwanese firms who put together the PS3 (Foxconn and Pegatron) are said to have been tapped to assemble the new systems as well.  Furthermore, the PS4 will feature “body movement-based control like Kinect.”  That sounds like more of a stretch than anything else considering all of the money and resources that Sony Computer Entertainment has dropped on Move, but you never know in this industry.

Remember that Sony has said time and time again that they have a 10 year life cycle planned for the PS3 — which launched in 2006.  That being said, its two predecessors also enjoyed 10 years or more worth of sales;  however, both platforms lived out four or more of those years while their successors were on the market.  This means that history puts the PS4 on track for a 2012 release.  Nevertheless, a 2012 launch seems unlikely to say the least, even with the Wii U coming to market next year.  Most indications point to the manufacturer’s next home console being a few years out still.  MTB will continue to deliver you PS4 updates as they break… which could be a while.

[Source: Digi Times]

[Image via DLB.]

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