Section 8: Prejudice Getting New Map Pack, Mode

Also, the PlayStation Network release is still on track.

Later this month, Section 8: Prejudice players will be able to skydive into two new maps by picking up the Frontier Colonies map pack. The DLC comes with Desolation, a desert map, and Overseer, which is set in a military base above a forested valley. All multiplayer game modes will be playable on these maps. Colonies will go for $3.99 on PC and 320 MSP on 360. It’ll arrive on July 13 for 360 and its PC release will follow on the 27.

A new game mode, known as Skirmish, will also be made available at some point in July. The game’s testers have reportedly described it as “oh man, so awesome.” You can’t buy endorsements like that. Oh, wait, you totally can. Anyways, it’ll be a twist on team death match in which control points cannot be captured/hacked and points are handed out for kills as well as completed missions. Skirmish will also be coming to the PSN once the game releases on that platform.

Speaking of the PlayStation version, TimeGate says they are still on pace for a summer release on Sony’s console. More details are expected to come forward soon.

[Source: TimeGate Studios]

[Image via Destructoid.]

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