Xenoblade and The Last Story Coming to North America After All?

Operation Rainfall claims a confidential source from within Nintendo has confirmed the JRPGs will indeed be coming to our neck of the woods.

Flying directly in the face of a recent NOA statement that vehemently denied that the publisher currently had any plans whatsoever to bring Xenoblade, The Last Story and/or Pandora’s Tower to North America (NA), an Operation Rainfall blog post says that two of the three are definitely on their way here. What’s more, they claim that Xenoblade’s localization is already finished. The information supposedly comes from a trusted Nintendo employee.

“American localization of Xenoblade is complete, The Last Story is currently being translated to English for an American release, but there is no word on Pandora’s Tower localization,” reads Rainfall’s blog. It is not known as to when Nintendo plans to formally make the announcement or when either title could potentially release. What they do know (allegedly) is that the localization process for Xenoblade concluded about a month ago, and it is expected to begin on the Last Story within a month or so — preliminary testing is said to already be underway.

With the Wii ‘Coming Soon’ sections on retailer shelves looking like barren wastelands, it almost doesn’t make sense at all for Nintendo to not spend the money bringing these games to NA. The members of Rainfall strongly believe that the information they received is in fact accurate, but warn against holding out hope for any imminent official word from Nintendo on the matter. If and when The Big N makes an announcement, Mash Those Buttons will be sure to bring you the story.

[Source: Operation Rainfall]

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