Zelda Symphony Site Goes Live

The first Zelda Symphony show will be held in L.A. this October. Fans in other parts of the country will have to wait until early 2012.

“This October, the music of legends comes to life.” That is the line that you’re greeted with when you visit the recently opened web site for Zelda Symphony. For those that missed it, Nintendo announced the concert series to be part of their celebration of Zelda’s 25th anniversary at this past E3.

The site teases fans about Nintendo’s upcoming orchestral concert series by replaying the medley of songs from Nintendo’s E3 2011 presentation. Although the sound quality is a bit on the rough side, it nevertheless does a fantastic job of getting us excited for the concerts’ potential. While the full tour calendar has yet to be released, the site links to a Ticketmaster purchase page that announces the very first date. Things will kick off on October 21st in L.A.’s Pantages Theater, with tickets going on sale August 1st starting at $35.

Don’t expect the tour to continue on its merry little way right after the first show, however. MTB’s trusted sources – who are very close to the project – informed us under condition of anonymity today that the full tour is unlikely to get underway until March or April of 2012. That being said, nothing is finalized at this time, and Nintendo is hoping that they can get things rolling sooner.

Nintendo’s brilliant composer, Koji Kondo, and his team are said to be selecting songs from the series themselves for use in the concert. Fans can look forward to an orchestra of 70 strong along with a choir performing newly arranged versions of the revered music from the series’ many soundtracks.

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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