Anarchy Reigns Story Trailer

Jack's back, and he and his eclectic group of companions are believed to have set a new record for the number of questions asked in a game trailer.

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Sega has unleashed a new trailer for Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns that tries super hard to set up the game’s story. Instead, it merely succeeds in proving that the characters in the game have even less of an idea as to what is going on than the audience does. Who’s that guy? Is he on our side? Where does that arm-mounted chainsaw go when you retract it? What is the Matrix? Is the dark side stronger? If you have the answers to the seemingly endless loop of queries brought up in this video, then we ask you to please let us know in the comments what it’s like to work at Platinum Games.

[Video via YouTube.]

[Image via Gamer Syde.]

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