Epic Games Hiring for “New Unannounced IP”

So mysterious...

Gears of War 3

Epic Games recently posted on their career site a job offering for Game Programmers.  The job location is in North Carolina, and could give experienced programmers a chance to work on Gears of War 3.  But that is not even the most intriguing part of the “help wanted” ad that has got people buzzing, it is the words in that same sentence that mention working on a “new unannounced IP”.  It could be anything, but it creates a sense of excitement to what it could be.  Anyone reading this with the necessary skills can check out the job listing here, (it’s still open) but the rest of us are left wondering… what in the hell could it be??  They are also looking for a variety of other positions on the site, including…an attorney.  Sorry if I put a damper on anyone’s day.


[Source: Epic Games]

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Jessica Weimar
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