Gamescom 2011: King Arthur II Trailer

Btw dragons like to burn knights.

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Some titles of video games have the potential to misdirect people into thinking the game is going to be something that it’s not. Well that problem will not be happening with King Arthur II: The Roleplaying Wargame. The title speaks for itself in this real time strategy role-playing game, and the people at Paradox Interactive released a new trailer for the game at Gamescom 2011.

The trailer above shows off the impressive landscape, and set a really nice peaceful tone for the beginning of the trailer. Then the dragons show up to crash the party, and decide to have the knights for dinner. The trailer shows the kind of scale they are going for by having a ton of dragons and other creatures fighting poor, almost helpless knights. It almost seems unfair to the knights, but I’m sure the battle can’t be all one sided.

The game looks impressive, and  the story takes place during the time after King Arthur united Britannia together. Paradox Interactive is looking to release this game in Q1 of next year, but until then enjoy the trailer above.

[Video via Paradoxplaza]


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