Might & Magic Heroes VI Suffers Another Delay

Now slated for October 13th.

Over the weekend it was revealed that the assbackwards-named Might & Magic Heroes VI has been pushed back six weeks to October 13th. The news emerged through an official forum post on the game’s boards. It is a direct result of feedback received from players of the beta, which is on hiatus until August 13th.

Ubisoft Community Developer Irina Kassina had this to say about the decision: “During the first phase of the Beta you were very active and provided us with very valuable feedback: your suggestions about general balance, factions balance and bug reports were very useful to us. Thank you!” Continuing, Kassina mentioned that “Thus, we took the decision to delay the release of Might & Magic Heroes VI in order to secure a bit more time for the dev team to take into account your comments and deliver the best quality game.”

Shack News is speculating that because the new release date is a Thursday – primarily used for European releases – Heroes may be arriving a few days earlier in North America on October 9th. This is, of course, in no way confirmed, however.

[Sources: Ubisoft and Shack News]

[Image via Ubisoft.]

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