Team Bondi Rumoured to be Getting Acquired by KMM Studios

In the wake of Rockstar kicking Bondi to the curb, the developer is supposedly working on a deal with a new publisher.

There have recently been in talks of a possible buyout of Team Bondi as they struggle to seek a new publisher, following a recent scandal where employees were forced to work in abusive conditions at the company. Following these allegations, Team Bondi’s former publisher, Rockstar Games, reportedly decided to leave the developer on its own and declined to help with the development of a possible Mad Max game.

There have also been talks from Brendan McNamara, leader of Team Bondi, about an acquisition by KMM Studios – which is currently headed by Cory Barlog. Brendan has also purportedly been sighted touring the animation studio Dr. D along with the remaining members of Team Bondi. A number of employees who used to work with the developer, who now are employed at Dr. D, feel uneasy of the possible move being explored by McNamara. Nevertheless, it has been rumored that George Miller, animation head of Dr. D, is quite impressed by Team Bondi’s past artistry and efforts – especially with the commercial success of L.A. Noire. The possible Bondi move is believed to be part of a strategy to sort of cover up their name after the workplace scandal was exposed.

However, with KMM’s Brisbane Studios now working on a Happy Feet 2 video game based on the movie of the same name, and planning to release it alongside the movie, all resources being put forth towards it and the Mad Max project have now been put on hold by KMM’s Sydney studio. Check back with MTB frequently, as more updates are expected to flow forth in the months ahead.


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