Bethesda: Wii U Version of Skyrim is a ‘Possibility’

Will the Elder Scrolls come to the new console?

Most PC, PS3 and 360 gamers will see their free time drop-off dramatically starting on November 11, 2011, when Bethesda Softworks releases the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Nintendo gamers won’t be so lucky, and will instead pass the time counting down the days until the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword just over a week later. But all hope is not lost for the Nintendo faithful who wish to get their hands on the next entry in Bethesda’s wildly popular RPG.

While it is far from definite, there is a chance that the game will be ported over to the Wii U. “It’s definitely a possibility for the future,” Bethesda’s Pete Hines revealed to Official Nintendo Magazine in. “We’ll look at any platform that will support that [sic] games we’re trying to make, but that’s the key thing – the console has to support the game as it is designed.”

Hines noted, however, that bringing the massive RPG over to Nintendo’s next-gen console would be a major undertaking. “The more changes we have to make to a game the less and less palatable it becomes, because making a game is an enormous process,” he continued. “Just doing 360, PS3 and PC – I don’t think people understand the amount of work that goes into that. All of the localization you have to do… all of the testing you have to do… on every platform in every language… It’s a pretty huge undertaking.”

So nothing is set in stone at this point, but the very notion of it being a possibility has got to excite Nintendo fans. Should Skyrim make it over to the Wii U it would join other high profile ports such as Batman: Arkham City and Darksiders II.

[Source: Official Nintendo Magazine]

[Image via Bethesda Softworks.]

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