Skullgirls Delayed to 2012

Reverge's fighter won't be making it out this year.

Reverge Labs has announced that their 2D, girls-with-hulk-arms-on-their-heads fighter has slipped out of 2011 and into next year. “We’re strongly dedicated to quality and feel more time can be spent polishing the game, so…we have decided to delay Skullgirls’ launch until early 2012,” a posting on the developer’s web site reads.

The devs say that development is comign along well and so there is no need to be concerned. “There are a lot of reasons behind this delay, but the overriding one is that we’re just trying to make the best game we can.” The team is now targeting a release in Q1 2012, but is unable to nail down a precise date at this time because of the “vagaries of digital distribution.” For more on the game, check out Jason Wersits’ hands-on impressions of Skullgirls from PAX East.

[Source: Reverge Labs]

[Image via Reverge.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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