DrinkBox Studios Announces Guacamelee!

The save point is a taco stand.

On October 11th, DrinkBox released an image as a tease for an upcoming game that they were going to announce. Today the Toronto-based developer revealed said upcoming downloadable game: Guacamelee!

Guacamelee! takes place in a small village in Mexico and features a down on his luck Mexican named Juan Aguacate, who sets out to save the world when El Presidente’s Daughter is kidnapped by an Evil Charro Skeleton. You will travel through alternate dimensions on Aguacate’s quest to save the girl he loves.

DrinkBox COO Graham Smith offered some insight on the game’s style:

The game draws its inspiration from traditional Mexican culture and folklore, and features many interesting and unique characters. With this title, we’re looking to build upon the classic open-world, Metroid-vania style of games by adding a strong melee combat component, a new dimension switching mechanic, and cooperative same-screen multiplayer for the entire story. We are also attempting to blur the boundaries between combat and platforming by making many of the moves you perform useful for both of these.

The co-op footage shown makes it look like the game’s going to steal my co-op love away from Shank. Mostly because, if the imagery shown is any indication, at one point you and a fellow player will be roosters. Awesomesauce. If the trailer isn’t enough for you, below you can find a gallery packed with screen shots from the upcoming title.


DrinkBox will be showing a playable version of the game on October 30th at Digifest’s First Person Show. So, if you’re in the Toronto area, stop by and play. The project is underway with more information, platforms and release dates to come. Keep your eyes peeled on MTB for more Guacamelee! updates as they break.


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Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman
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