Jak and Daxter HD Collection Confirmed for 2012

Jak's back, and his little ottsel, too.

Justin Richmond, game director at Naughty Dog, has issued a confirmation that the rumored Jak and Daxter HD Collection is indeed a thing. The bundle will include Jak’s first three adventures.  What’s more, Richmond declared that the HD remake package will see a release at some point in 2012.

Richmond made it official during a PS3 press conference in Oslo, Norway.  The story reaches us courtesy of a GameFAQs translation of an article on Norwegian site, PlayStation Spill.  There are no other details at this time, because it is believed that Richmond was not yet supposed to mention the project publicly.

[Sources: VG 24/7 and PlayStation Spill]

[Image via Fanpop.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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