‘New’ Holiday Bundle for Wii

This holiday season, Santa is giving you coal... colored Wiis!

If you’re in the market for a Nintendo Wii system (which will become vintage this time next year), Nintendo has a real treat for you.  Actually, the 2011 holiday bundle is less impressive than those of previous years.  In fact, it’s almost the same bundle as last year’s red Wii package deal.  This year’s version is black and comes with a copy of New Super Mario Bros, which is now a very misleading title because it’s a fairly old game in at this point.  

Nevertheless, it’s a good game and that means that the bundle is somewhat worth getting.  It comes with a black controller and nunchuck, as well as a copy of the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack.  Plus it’s pretty cheap by Wii standards.  Oh wait, it’s the same price as the current Mario Kart bundle ($149.99). Well now, this is a bit awkward, isn’t it?

[Source: Nintendo]

[Image via Wii Wikia]

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
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