Of Orcs and Men New Screenshots

Jessica Weimar
October 7th, 2011

Of Orcs and Men

Of Orcs and Men is an upcoming role playing game being released for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and the PC.  As indicated by the title, there is a large war between the forces of man, and the less threatening but somehow more threatening forces of the Orcs and Goblins.  Humans are jerks in this game.  Orcs are captured and enslaved (those that are not killed in battle).  Goblins, presumably the weakest race because of their lack of game title space, are just plain executed.  You play an Orc veteran who gains a Goblin companion.  Things are rough, because Orcs and Goblins maybe do not make the greatest battle companions.  They offer very different fighting styles, and maybe they just can not be friends.  Instead of turning into a sitcom, Of Orcs and Men uses these different styles of battle as an advantage.  Orcs will fight in a more direct manner, relying on brute strength.  Goblins fight in a super sneaky manner that utilizes stealth.  These two drastically different races have to work together and make nice to defeat the evil humans.  What a twist!



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