Win Beta Access to Defenders of Ardania

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Defenders of Ardania

This coming week MTB is giving you several chances to win beta access to the PC tower defense game, Defenders of Ardania.  In the game, players have to defend their land as well as conquer those of others.  You can check out our preview of the game by Katie Horstman right here. This will give players to test the game out early, so why not?

The majority of the giveaways will happen over on Twitter, so make sure you have @mtbsite added to your followers or you will not be able to see our posts.  On Wednesday the 26th there will be two codes given away in trivia fashion on Twitter.  On Thursday the 27th, two more codes will be given away through trivia contests on Twitter.  The third and final day will be Friday the 28th. We’ll be handing this last one out to the winner of a trivia contest on our Facebook page, so make sure you add us if you want to win.

Trivia questions will be pulled from the preview on our site mentioned earlier, and/or the game’s official site.  Tune in on those three dates around 8PM EST for your chance to win!

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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