Game Jacked: Ironhide’s “Kingdom Rush” Has Been Stolen

Sure. Feel free to live off my hard work.

In a blog post on the Ironhide Games website, Ironhide reveals to us that their game Kingdom Rush has been cloned and put on the iTunes appstore ahead of their iOS version of the Flash game.  If you take a look at the image here you can clearly see that clone, called Kingdom Rush TD, is a direct ripoff of the original.  The clone was discovered on October 21st, but Ironhide didn’t make it public because they hoped Apple to do something about it.  Yeah…  Didn’t happen:

We contacted Armorgames of course to make them aware of this and they also got in touch with Apple, we also hired the takedown service, sent over 20 emails along with copyright infringement notices to Apple and although the dev removed the app for a week, they published it again last friday. So since Apple is not answering or doing anything we decided to make this public and seek the support of the online community.

It definitely sucks when you put so much work into something (just about a year in this case), only to have it swept away from you.  This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.  Halfbot’s The Blocks Cometh also suffered from cloning and Apple wasn’t the the most helpful in that situation either.  According to Ironhide Games the REAL Kingdom Rush for iOS is almost ready, so if you were planning on getting it make sure you skip this clone.  Ironhide is asking for you help:

Help us out! by writing comments and expose these thieves. If you bought the game, give it a very bad review and expose the theft so others don’t buy it. Help us spread the word!

Also if you are willing to email Apple, you can use this link:
Click here to email Apple and ask them to remove the Kingdom Rush TD app!
(feel free to change the template as you see fit)

If you feel so inclined, heed the call.  At the very least if you want to help, DON’T BUY THE CLONE!

[Source: Ironhide Games Website]

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