New Zelda in Development for 3DS; Majora’s Mask Remake Possible

Nintendo's got an original handheld Zelda and possibly a remake in the pipeline.

With The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword getting ready to ship to retailers, fans are already wondering what’s next for Link and company. Producer Eiji Aonuma was recently questioned by Portugese site MyGames about that exact topic and he revealed that Nintendo has an entirely new adventure planned for their portable platform.

“We are already preparing a new game, a game in the series for the Nintendo 3DS, but don’t think that it is a direct sequel to the Zelda titles released on DS,” Aonuma-san responded. “We are talking about a new game, but it takes much of what has been done on previous handhelds.”

Everyone loves brand new games, but fans also have another remake in mind. Given how well-received the 3D version of Ocarina of Time was, many have assumed that the franchise’s other N64 classic will get the same treatment. The interviewer asked Aonuma about just such a possibility, and he responded that the Big N might indeed turn their attention to such a project after releasing the aforementioned new title.

It’s something I’m asked about often and I assure you that it is something I’ve spoken to Miyamoto about. But recently we released The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D as a remake. We are considering the idea, but it didn’t seem right to launch a remake one after another, so the next Zelda game on 3DS will be original.

The prospect of getting something fresh between remakes sounds great to us considering how many old games get revived and shoved out the door these days. What do you guys think, though? Are you more pumped for a new game or the potential remake? Sound off in the comments.

[Source: Nintendo Everything]

[Image via Zelda Wikia.]

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