People Can Fly ‘Likely’ Developing Gears of War Prequels

OXM talks about the next Gears and the possibility of an Xbox 720 reveal at E3.

Now that Gears of War 3 has been out on the market for all of a month, Epic Games is looking into where to take the series next. According to the most recent issue of Official Xbox Magazine, the publisher is in all likelihood handing the keys to the kingdom over to a new studio and putting them to work on a prequel trilogy. The studio that is said to be taking over all things Gears is Epic’s People Can Fly (Bulletstorm).

“Gears of War will live on, of course, but in what form?” asks OXM before claiming that “a prequel trilogy developed by Epic-owned People Can Fly as a likely scenario.”

The rumors don’t stop there, either. You’ve likely heard all the talk about Microsoft readying the Xbox 720/Loop for a 2012 reveal at either CES or E3. Well, OXM isn’t buying it.

“Will the next Xbox be revealed at E3 2012 as some have predicted? Not likely, reveals The [Crystal] Ball.” Their assertion flies in the face of everything we’ve been hearing; unless of course, that’s their sly way of hinting at a CES unveiling instead. Are we reading too much into that statement? Probably, but that’s how the next-gen game is played. See you at E3.

[Source: CVG]

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