Skyrim’s Patch Problems, and Unrelated Awesomeness Involving Cheese Wheels

I dunno though, backwards-flying dragons might be more awesome.

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So there’s some good news, and there’s some bad news. Good news first: Skyrim is really, really awesome you guys, so it’s probably a game you should play. It’s already on many a GOTY list, has at times had quadruple the number of concurrent players on PC compared to Call of Duty (you know, the biggest game of all time), and is single-handedly proving the video game industry wrong. And on top of that, patches have already been released to address some of the issues that have cropped up in this massive game.

The bad news is that those patches have apparently broken more stuff. Among the new problems players have noticed the patch causing: dragons not wanting to fight, dragons flying backwards (see above), unresolved frame rate issues, and character resistances doing jack all to, you know, resist damage. There’s been no official word on a patch for the patch, but I’m sure Bethesda is working on it.

For some players the game is working fine, however, and so I’ll leave you with the video above. A player spawns 2,500 wheels of cheese on the top of a mountain, and then proceeds to run among them as they roll downhill. It may not be as awe-inspiring as summoning legions of warriors to fight one another, but dammit, it’s funny. Both are PC-only tricks, achieved through the console commands. Which is ironic, seeing as how PC players have to forcibly spawn over 50 dragons in order to crash their games, while all console players need to do is walk around.

[Patch issue source: Bethesda Forums, via Destructoid, Kotaku, et al]

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